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CYMA Navy Star GMT Skin Diver 2009 Watch

Here is my first time talking about the CYMA fake watch brand. If you are in the US like me, you've likely never heard of it. Way to ignore yet another good market CYMA! I am gonna just spell it Cyma for now. So this is their new Navy Star collection watch. The timepiece will come in at least four varieties (quartz/automatic mechanicals), and in various colors. There will also be various PVD versions. Just saying that so that you don't think the pictured fake watch is the only one they offer. Regardless, I really like the pictured model being their automatic GMT model. Oh, and I think Cyma calls this fake watch their "Skin Diver.?Which makes me think of someone skinny dipping with only this fake watch and a smile on.

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Navy Star replica watches are Cyma's diver fake watch line. The models mix styles from many popular diver replica watches out there combing with a unique hybrid. The little details are the best like the textured dial, nicely crafted rotated bezel with the numbers in relief, as well as the complex looking crown. This is not a top-level luxury fake watch by any means, so the prices are not too bad. Still, there is a lot of fake watch for your money. This automatic GMT model runs about $2,200 bucks retail (can be had for less online), and the Navy Star fake watch line stars at under $900. The steel is nicely polished with lots of brushed sections, while the interesting looking bracelet is substantial with screwed-in pins.

You'll also notice that Swiss automatic movement (not sure exactly which one.. really doesn't matter here) has been COSC certified as a Chronometer. Always a good value-added feature. The fake watch is hefty looking with a solid construction from a well regarded Swiss company. I haven't seen most of the other models in the revamped Navy Star collection, but I am impressed at what I've seen so far. This GMT model has modest, but elegantly styled hands and a reasonably sized GMT hand. The execution of the fake watch is well done and mixes both classic and utilitarian fake watch ideals. For example the rich amount of polishing adds a little glamor to normally sober looking dive replica watches at this price point.

The video is from a fake watch seller who is offering one of these replica watches used. You can check out the listing for this CYMA fake watch here. There are most pictures of what the fake watch looks like in the link. I hope to see more versions of the CYMA Navy Star Skin Diver replica watches soon.

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