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Cyber Monday fake watch Sale: 12% Off Coupon At WatchWear.com (Part Of Kenmar Watches)

Today, Black Friday, is the king of retail shopping, but this coming Monday tries to be the king of Internet shopping. You'll find deals across the board, but I thought it wise to mention that WatchWear.com, a partner of KenmarWatches.com is having a Cyber Monday sale in the form of 12% off and lots of free shipping deals.

You'll have to use the COUPON CODE: CYBERM12 to get the discount at check out. Shopping for replica watches and fake watch gifts at WatchWear is a pretty wise decision. My usual fake watch shopping stomping grounds like eBay and Amazon are perfect if you know what you are looking for, but WatchWear.com and KenmarWatches.com are great for browsing, and looking for fake watch gifts. I really like their search system where you can browse by color (a lot of colors), which is done visually, as well as other sorting options. If you are like me, you'd prefer to give replica watches as gifts to, well just about everyone, and this is an easy way of doing so.

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According to WatchWear, the following list represents their "biggest deals?this season:

1. Festina Dashboard ?RETAIL: $195, Our Price: $134.88 2. Luminox Quadrum Series ?RETAIL: $450, Our Price: $188.00 3. Caravelle Mens Diamond ?RETAIL: $199.99, Our Price: $79.00 4. Nike D Line Ti ?RETAIL: $99, Our Price: $39.95 5. Sector 600 Series ?RETAIL: $475.00, Our Price: $189.88 6. Luminox Field Sport Timer ?RETAIL: $425.00, Our Price: $188 7. Luminox New World Traveler ?RETAIL: $450.00, Our Price: $188 8. Pulsar Tech Gear ?RETAIL: $225.00, Our Price: $99.95 9. Esprit Mens fake watch ?RETAIL: $225.00, Our Price: $48.80 10. Nike Oregon Series ?RETAIL: $90.00, Our Price: $57.88

The two stores have replica watches that fall in just about every budget. No doubt you'll find enough in their huge (a ridiculous amount of brands) inventory selection to get everyone on your list a watch, and probably something for yourself. Have a happy shopping weekend.

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